Hi, I'm Chris Buonocore


Open Projects

Program Dependency Tree

This webapp plots the program depedency tree of different Java programs.

Code Decay Modeling

Health of comments may decay as the code around them changes in the a file. This webapp applies/graphs a physical 1/r comment decay model to code evolution as changes are made to different lines in the code base.


Jobturns is a webapp that provides future job recommendations based on your current position.

Beal's Conjecture Finder

Brute force Beal's Conjecture solution finder. This program attempts to search for exceptions to Beals Conjecture (wikipedia page).

CSGSC Website

Basic website made for the CSGSC group at UCLA -  website.

Clubseen (template page)

Prototype webpage template for a friend's club tracking application.

Realtor Spider

Python web crawler for finding 'just sold' listings on a live real estate website.


Free Cryptocurrency price monitoring and charting application. Built in ReactJS / Backend in Go.

About Me

Hi, I'm Chris. Professionally a back end and mobile engineer. Currently at @Drift - formerly @Toast and @Google
. Working and playing in Boston, MA.

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' Primary Languages:
Java, Python, Javascript (ReactJS, NodeJS)
Go, Kotlin


University of California, Los Angeles
M.S. Computer Science Jan 2017
University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Engineering Physics, 2013
Physics with Engineering electives

Companies I've worked at:

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